At this stage we take a brief from you to get a thorough idea of your requirements. By getting you to sign off on a full design analysis, a design statement and a concept, our aim is to be sure our interpretation of the project is accurate. Clarity at this stage will save time and money later.


This is an area where the designer can provide a service in space planning (sometimes called ‘interior architecture’) which clients are often unaware exists. This helps the client to determine his/her needs in detail and to set the parameters for the whole project that may follow.
This can be a relatively simple exercise, e.g. examining how an existing building can be adapted to a new use, or a complex process, consulting exhaustively with the client’s key staff, utilising adjacency theory to provide a detailed analysis of the client’s requirements, developing this into planning diagrams from which floor plans can be developed.
Design and source items for your approval so that we can envisage how the scheme will work, how it will look and whether the design meets your needs. In our review meeting for this stage we can make adjustments to our proposals and discuss options that we have prepared. We will then amend these for our final meeting so that the basic design is agreed before we progress to detail design. The aim of this stage is to discuss ideas fully so that the design is well considered, the job runs smoothly and there are fewer changes in later stages.


At detail design stage we confirm all the items for the design that we have discussed during the initial designs stage. It is important that we clarify, list and draw this up so that a full specification can be prepared. This ensures that every item can be purchased and every bespoke item can be produced - we will also be able to confirm lead times, prices and how the work will be organised. If work is bespoke (ie special orders) we will prepare drawings in consultation with makers on your behalf to make sure that, for example, fitted furniture is carefully detailed and fit for purpose, upholstery is properly instructed and lined up on the item, artworks are framed as agreed, etc. In this way we are prepared before delivery and installation. The time spent on this stage depends on the complexity of design you wish to achieve, the number of items to be ordered and the intricacy of the bespoke elements of the work.


Delivering interiors is a complex sequence of events to be coordinated, with many suppliers and trades preparing work for your home. The preparation we put into the previous stages will assist in this implementation stage running smoothly. Our role at this stage is to ensure items are delivered as ordered and any mistakes, alterations or unexpected events are resolved by us. The aim is to remove you from anxiety and minimise disruption, as activities within your home are coordinated as efficiently as possible.


This stage covers the execution & preparation of the building contract documents and the issuance to the contractor of copies of Product Information necessary to construct the works.
Frequent site visits & meetings with all those concerned are documented and used to keep the client informed on the progress of the project.
We will monitor various trades onsite and deal with deliveries and suppliers.
At completion, final evaluation will take place. This will include a snagging list for snags to be rectified as well as sign off.